veterans have poorer mental health

Veterans have poorer mental health than Australians overall. We could be serving them better

Nicole Sadler, University of Melbourne A career in the Australian Defence Force (ADF), or the armed forces in any country, can be rewarding, but also demanding. Challenges include the rigorous training, frequent moves, and maintaining social connections. Beyond this, military personnel may be exposed to trauma during combat, peace-keeping missions, border protection, disaster and humanitarian […]

Differentiating Mood Swings from Mood Disorders

Mood Swings and Mood Disorders

Know the relationship between mood swings and mood disorders, what causes them and when to seek for professional assistance. Mood swings and mood disorders are similar. Almost. Mood disorders occur due to some severe changes in someone’s mood, disrupting daily life activities. Mood swings refer to rapid changes in someone’s mood. If a person starts […]

Battling beliefs

Battling Beliefs

Beliefs are not always true; although, they often tend to feel true. “I’m not good enough.” “I’m a failure.” “I will never be able to make her happy.” “I will never measure up to their expectations of me.” These are all statements and examples of beliefs. These are all beliefs a client (we will call […]

Ability to detach

Ability to “Detach”

Let it go. The ability to detach from work and/or from home allows focus, helps to manage stress and responsibilities, and allows you to be present (whether it’s with clients/patients, co-workers, family, friends, etc.). Detach means to let go, or to disengage. In the mental health and/or medical field, this is incredibly useful and important. […]