Differentiating Mood Swings from Mood Disorders

Mood Swings and Mood Disorders

Know the relationship between mood swings and mood disorders, what causes them and when to seek for professional assistance. Mood swings and mood disorders are similar. Almost. Mood disorders occur due to some severe changes in someone’s mood, disrupting daily life activities. Mood swings refer to rapid changes in someone’s mood. If a person starts […]

Battling beliefs

Battling Beliefs

Beliefs are not always true; although, they often tend to feel true. “I’m not good enough.” “I’m a failure.” “I will never be able to make her happy.” “I will never measure up to their expectations of me.” These are all statements and examples of beliefs. These are all beliefs a client (we will call […]

Therapeutic techniques

Therapeutic Techniques & Mental Health Issues

The correct treatment can help a person to live well. Utilising the proper therapeutic techniques for mental health issues allows the provider to achieve success with a client and allows the client’s mental health issues to improve. Therapeutic techniques are provided to us in academics in abundance. We receive training with different techniques. We practice different […]