Living with Bipolar_ A Story of Hope

Living with Bipolar: A Story of Hope

It is essential to know that you have the disorder, but it doesn’t have you. Don’t let it define you. When Laura Bain was 16 years old, she started experiencing intense periods of sadness. The fact that there were no external factors that cause the lows she was experiencing was bizarre to her. In the […]

My Wife Fought for Me

My Wife Fought for Me

Duke’s wife never gives up. “If I said it was easy, I would be lying. The pain was too much. But thanks to my wife. If it weren’t for her, nothing would have changed. She is a strong woman. She loved me most when no one else would like to be associated with me”, Duke […]

The Insomniac Chronicles

The Insomniac Chronicles: A Journey Through Recovery

Sometimes just knowing the body knows how to sleep is the most reassuring thing. Recovering from insomnia is never a quick, easy, and linear process. The disorder is unique for everyone, with each insomniac encountering their own personal version of the disorder defined by their lifestyle, their environment, and sometimes, their own internal enemies. The […]

Surviving Anxiety in the Modern World

You Are Not Alone: Surviving Anxiety in the Modern World

Anxiety has become a fixture of modern day life, but nobody is alone in their suffering. Anxiety is the most common mental health condition in Australia. Over 2 million Australian adults have an anxiety disorder, and about 6% of Australians will be diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) over their lifetimes. One in five people […]