The Warning Signs Of Depression

The Warning Signs of Depression

You can support someone to get help with their mental health by watching out for these key signs of depression. It’s important to be aware of the warning signs of depression in someone before it becomes serious. Depression, or clinical depression, can manifest in other forms such as postnatal depression, bipolar disorder and seasonal affective […]

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Beating Depression

Your later days can be greater than your depressed days. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, approximately one in eleven Australians is struggling with depression. Interestingly, there are more women than men that are struggling with this condition. One of these brave women is Rebecca, a young lady who has been struggling with depression […]

how doctors diagnose depression

How Doctors Diagnose Depression

Just because depression isn’t easy to diagnose doesn’t mean it can’t be.  Diagnosing depression can be a daunting task and is usually left to trained health professionals. To come up with a conclusive diagnosis, the two steps that the professionals do are: 1. Interviewing the patient To truly understand what someone is going through, you […]

difference between clinical depression and sadness

The Difference Between Clinical Depression and Sadness

They are similar, but there are differences.   According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 3 million Australians are living with depression and anxiety. In spite of this, many people still can’t differentiate clinical depression from normal sadness. It is important for any health worker to be able to tell the difference between the two […]

dealing with depression

Dealing With Depression

It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible.  When dealing with depression or any other mental illness, many people find it very difficult to stay on track and help themselves on the road to recovery. Here are seven ways to stay on track.   Avoiding Lethargy For someone suffering from depression, even getting up from the […]


Caring For Someone With Depression

There are lots of things you can do to help them recover and manage their condition. Depression is a disabling and isolating disorder that can jeopardise social relationships if not handled well. A person living with a depressed individual might feel neglected and deprived and, in response, become indifferent. With a little care and some […]