Our Team

What is our goal in the long run?

The Bell Foundation is dedicated to spreading awareness and making sure that those suffering from mental illnesses receive the support and care they need. The Bell Foundation works with the community to make this mission into reality, by providing courses and training for healthcare workers around Australia. 


Mental health issues affect half of the population of Australia directly, yet there is so much more to be done to research, spread awareness, and offer support. 

The Bell Foundation is driven to working toward a healthier Australia. If you would like to know more about our missions and vision for Australia, you can find out more by going to our mission page. 


If you are interested in getting involved, you can donate, fundraise, or become one of our volunteers. More information each of these is available on our get involved page. If you have any questions about the Bell Foundation, you can contact our team members by going to our contact page where we have all the information you need to reach out to us. 

“Mental health can improve overall well being and prevent other illnesses. And since mental health problems have a serious economic impact on vulnerable communities, making them a priority can save lives and markedly improve people’s quality of life.” 

– Vikram Patel

Our Board Members

The board members of The Bell Foundation are committed professionals who are passionate about mental health and dedicated to making a difference in our community. With different professions, skills, and passions, this team comes together to give a diverse look at how to run the organisation and how to always put helping the community first. 


Below you can meet and get to know our team of board members a little better. 



Founder & Director

Alan Harris


Alan is the Executive Chairman of the Harris Family Group of Companies bringing more than 40 years of innovative technology leadership, computer software expertise, organisational experience and policy making to his role within the family businesses. Alan’s responsibilities also cover overseeing corporate governance to ensure systems and company policies are in place to manage the organisations business affairs, staff and all stakeholders for the Harris Family Group’s business activities in marketing, property, health care services, telecommunications & financial services.


Throughout Alan’s career he donates his spare time to SME businesses throughout Australia for Mentoring. Mentoring and coaching SME business owners & start up business on challenges, advise on corporate policy & business systems has become a passion of Alan’s due to value he can bring to these businesses to aid.


Helen Spadaro Bell Foundation Director




Helen Spadaro 


Helen Spadaro is a health care consultant and social worker at Albert Road Clinic in Melbourne Australia, specialising in psychiatric treatment. Helen received her degree at the University of Melbourne. Helen is fervent about providing the best service possible to her patients, always giving them her compassion, knowledge, and skills to ensuring the best care. 


Helen has served on a number of Boards at Community level including Local Council Templestowe, Doncaster Council, Department of Veteran Affairs and Neurological Services at Austin Hospital.  Helen’s most recent achievements include a Private Social Work Consultancy for Social Work Services, formally John Fawkner and Brunswick Hospitals. 


Helen puts her passion for health care, social work, and psychology to create a better and healthier world.   

William Lancaster Bell Foundation Director




William Lancaster 


William Lancaster is the director of Lancaster Legal, a law firm specialising in technology, intellectual property and commercial law. William received his Bachelor of Science (Honors – Biochemistry) from the University of New England, majoring in molecular biotechnology and a Bachelor of Law. He also received a diploma in legal practice from The Australian National University. In 2000, he received a joint award for the Sigma-Aldrich prize in Biochemistry. 


William previously worked with IP Australia, the Australian government agency responsible for the administration of patents, trademarks, designs and plant breeders’ rights, as an examiner of patents. He also worked as Legal Counsel at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO). William specialises in the provision of advance of relating to infringement and validity of patents, copyright and the registration and protection of trademarks. As well as drafting and reviewing commercial agreements including IP and technology licensing and commercialisation agreements; confidentiality agreements; material transfer agreements; research, consulting, and service agreements.  https://lancasterlegal.com.au/

Blake Harris Bell Foundation Board Member



Board Member 

Blake Harris


Blake has over 18 years experience working in industries aligned to the health care industry. As General Manager for his family business he has a great deal of experience in Management, Human Resources, Partnership Agreements & Business Analysis. Through Blake’s family business being the Government Police Coroners Contractor in Victoria for 8 years Blake has seen first hand the challenges staff in the health care industry are faced with on a day to day basis. He is passionate about making a difference in the health care industry and helping the ‘carers’ in the health care industry be better equiped to deal with Mental Health related challenges both personally and in their patients by being part of The Bell Foundation’s Seminars & positive Mental Health promotion. 




Andrea Bridge DP



Project Manager

Andrea Bridge


Andrea Bridge holds a diploma in counselling with a particular interest in autism and Asperger. Her professional path has made her an expert in a variety of fields. Andrea worked as a legal secretary first in criminal law before moving to personal injury and medical negligence. She worked in B2B sales, in press and radio, winning the Radio Sales Executive of the year twice for her excellent work. 


Andrea moved to Australia in 2008 working for Weight Watchers Corporate, setting up their Queensland territory from zero. With them she worked selling health and wellness packages to businesses and corporations; with clients like Virgin, Qantas, Gold Coast City Council, ATO, Woolworths, Coles, NAB, AFP, and securing the biggest contract ever signed within WW, with 21,000 Ramsay Healthcare employees enrolling onto the program at one time. In her spare time, Andrea enjoys volunteering for local charities like Big Group Hug in Rosanna, which is a community organisation working to support vulnerable children.