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The Bell Foundation is a non-profit organisation to help provide information and training about mental health and mental illness. The Bell Foundation serves the general community of Australia by offering courses and training to relevant healthcare workers. The Bell Foundation was created to be a part of its community, building a network of support and knowledge that is beneficial to the people of Australia.  


Mental health issues greatly affect the people of Australia. In a 2007 National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing, the information from the 12-month was collected and added to the lifetime prevalence of mental disorders in the Australian population of adults between the ages of 16-85 years old to show the prevalence of mental health issues in Australia. 

“The survey estimated that almost half (45%) of the population in this age range will experience a mental disorder at some time in their life (about 8.6 million people based on the estimated 2016 population). It also estimated that 1 in 5 (20%) of the population had experienced a common mental disorder in the previous 12 months (about 3.8 million people based on the estimated 2016 population). Of these, Anxiety disorders (such as social phobia) were the most prevalent, afflicting 1 in 7 (14.4%) of the population, followed by Affective disorders (such as depression) (6.2%), and Substance use disorders (such as alcohol dependence) (5.1%).“

– Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

This information and more are available on the Australian Government – Australian Institute of Health and Welfare website. This information shows the extent to which mental health issues affect the population of Australia and the need to work as a community to provide the best services possible for those suffering. This is the mission that the Bell Foundation strives for. 

Our Mission

The mission of The Bell Foundation is to provide courses and training to healthcare workers so that they are up to date on mental health issues, information, and resources to offer help. This allows healthcare workers to have a better understanding of mental health personally and will, therefore, be able to provide better support to patients and the community. 


The sharing of information also helps spread knowledge into the community, relieving the stigma around mental health, sparking conversation, and providing the best help to those that really need it.


  • Provide Education on the subject of mental health
  • Spread awareness in the community
  • Diminish the stigma around mental illness


Our Vision 

The spread of knowledge helps break the taboo on mental health problems. Our vision is for an Australia that is able to speak freely about mental health and provide support to those who need it. 


When a community is knowledgeable about the subject of mental health, then those suffering from different disorders will not only have a better understanding of what they can do to help with their own mental health but will also feel more comfortable coming forward to seek help. 


  • Mental health workers with the best access to mental health training
  • A knowledgeable and supportive community
  • Open and supportive discussion on mental illness


To create this vision of a healthier and more accepting Australia, we want to work with our community so that we can accomplish these differences together. Together change is possible. 

Who We Are

The Bell Foundation is an organisation built on the idea of providing health care workers with the best courses and training so that they can provide the best care to those suffering from mental illnesses. By making sure those taking care of people with mental health issues are up to date and as knowledgeable as possible on the subject, we can create a better system of support. The Bell Foundation works to provide this service across Australia so that the general community of Australia can all benefit from our services. 


Mental illness and suicide have a significant impact on the people of Australia, and around the world, and the Bell Foundation was founded to become part of the solution. There are many great organisations working within the mental health field, but the Bell Foundation was created specifically to work with research and training so that health care workers have the best access to understand mental health and mental illness so that they can help their communities to the best of their abilities.


The Bell Foundation is run by a successful and compassionate team of board members. They take their diverse knowledge and apply it to their passion of seeing an Australia that better understands mental health and therefore is able to help treat it, creating a healthier world. From psychologists, lawyers, nurses, and business professionals, this teams experience, leadership skills, and passion for mental health work, have come together to make a difference. Click on the link to learn more about each of the members that make up our team of board members. 

The Importance of Good Mental Health

Having good mental health is instrumental in living a healthy, productive, and stable life. Having good mental health is not merely the absence of mental health issues but rather the ability to get through your day to day life without finding even mundane activities impossible, being able to have meaningful relationships, meet personal and future goals, and be generally happy and content. This is not to say that having good mental health means being in a perfect space continuously but not having your mental health issues debilitate you. Like everything else in our lives, good mental health is a continuous process, but as you find what works for you, with or without mental health issues, life itself will seem more like a journey than a battle. 


Good mental health will look slightly different from person to person but being able to work through the day to day tasks and problems, eating healthy, exercising, socialising, working toward future goals, being able to give back to your community, are all signs of good mental health. Taking care of your mental health allows you to maintain these things and live a healthier life. 

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