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To all our Generous Community Members,


We at the Bell Foundation would like to sincerely thank you for becoming a donor. By choosing to donate to our cause, you are helping in the research, spread of knowledge, training of healthcare workers, and supporting those suffering from mental health issues. It is because of the support of generous community members like yourself that make it possible for us to continue serving our community. We strive to help support our community by making mental health a stigma-free subject by providing courses and training to make sure that healthcare workers. This ensures they have the most up to date information and skills necessary to help those with mental health illnesses and without you and your generosity, this would not be possible.  

Whether you are able to give the Bell Foundation a onetime only or regular donation, regardless of whether the contribution is big or small, you are getting involved, showing your compassion and generosity, and helping us continue our mission.  


We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for choosing to be a part of our organisation. Your donation matters, and we promise to ensure that your donation is used to maximise the impact of your gift. We will keep you updated on the work that we do so that you can see what your contribution has done for your community. 


If you are unable to make a donation to our organisation but are passionate about our work and would like to get involved, please check out our volunteer page Here



Here you can find out all the ways in which you can give hands-on help to the Bell Foundation. We always love to have more volunteers to help out at our community and fundraising events. 


You can also help us by spreading the word about our organisation and encourage others to get involved and informed about us and mental health issues. By spreading the word, you are helping us share our message so that we can help our community to the utmost of our abilities. 


We would like to sincerely say thank you to all of the individuals, families, business, and organisations that help make what we do possible.


With our warmest regards, – 

– The Bell Foundation

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If you have more questions about donating to the Bell Foundation or would like to get more information about the Bell Foundation and what we do for our community, you can reach out to our team here


If you go to our contact page, you can find the phone numbers and email addresses to all of our team members who would be happy to provide any information about the donation process or any other information about the Bell Foundation. 


We are always available to our community and ready to answer any and all questions. 


You can also find out more about our team members by going to our about us page.

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