5 steps to overcome suicide

Walking Away from Suicidal Thoughts With 5 Simple Steps

Steps to help your patient avoid suicidal thoughts. According to research, suicidal cases stand at 1.4% of mortality rate globally. Most people commit suicide due to psychiatric disorders, substance abuse psychosis, and depression. Trauma is also another main reason why most people commit suicide. The rate of suicidal cases is higher among men in comparison […]

Differentiating Mood Swings from Mood Disorders

Mood Swings and Mood Disorders

Know the relationship between mood swings and mood disorders, what causes them and when to seek for professional assistance. Mood swings and mood disorders are similar. Almost. Mood disorders occur due to some severe changes in someone’s mood, disrupting daily life activities. Mood swings refer to rapid changes in someone’s mood. If a person starts […]

Diet and Mental Health

Diet and Mental Health: Is there a link?

The relationship between your diet and mental health. Different researches on human diet suggest that what we eat not only affects us physically but mentally as well. A recent study found a high level of well beings in individuals that ate more fruits and vegetables. A healthy diet includes a balance of fruits, vegetables, legumes, […]

The Insomniac Chronicles

The Insomniac Chronicles: A Journey Through Recovery

Sometimes just knowing the body knows how to sleep is the most reassuring thing. Recovering from insomnia is never a quick, easy, and linear process. The disorder is unique for everyone, with each insomniac encountering their own personal version of the disorder defined by their lifestyle, their environment, and sometimes, their own internal enemies. The […]

The Importance of Dreams

The Importance of Dreams

Dreams have the potential to reveal ourselves to ourselves. Many people believe dreams are random sequences of images that just give us a recount of familiar people and situations from the previous day, but dreams carry important messages for those that dig into its meaningful content. What Are Dreams? We spend about a quarter of […]

The Sleep-Deprived Brain

The Sleep-Deprived Brain

Recent studies shed light on how sleep deprivation affects brain structure and function. Even if we don’t suffer from a sleep disorder, sleep is often the first thing that gets cut back to make room on our schedules. However, the consequences of lack of sleep on the brain are serious and far-ranging. This is especially […]