Success Story Alice Evans

Friendship Helped Turn One Woman’s Life Around

A diagnosis of schizophrenia changed the course of Alice’s life. While significant steps have been taken in recent years to reduce the stigma around mental illnesses like depression and anxiety, schizophrenia still remains a taboo topic which is greatly understood in most circles. And it’s a shame. With more than one in ten Australians living […]

Battling beliefs

Battling Beliefs

Beliefs are not always true; although, they often tend to feel true. “I’m not good enough.” “I’m a failure.” “I will never be able to make her happy.” “I will never measure up to their expectations of me.” These are all statements and examples of beliefs. These are all beliefs a client (we will call […]

Finding balance and promoting well being within

Finding Balance & Promoting Well-Being Within

Make it from “one side to the other” successfully. Well-being and balance: two concepts discussed often in the mental health and medical field. Yet, these two concepts are so difficult at times to acquire and to master. Good news – you can master these skills, but just like with any other skill it takes practice. […]

Therapeutic techniques

Therapeutic Techniques & Mental Health Issues

The correct treatment can help a person to live well. Utilising the proper therapeutic techniques for mental health issues allows the provider to achieve success with a client and allows the client’s mental health issues to improve. Therapeutic techniques are provided to us in academics in abundance. We receive training with different techniques. We practice different […]

Ability to detach

Ability to “Detach”

Let it go. The ability to detach from work and/or from home allows focus, helps to manage stress and responsibilities, and allows you to be present (whether it’s with clients/patients, co-workers, family, friends, etc.). Detach means to let go, or to disengage. In the mental health and/or medical field, this is incredibly useful and important. […]

success story

Initial Support Goes A Long Way

My life has transformed completely only thanks to that little bit of initial support, after years of suffering in silence. For as long and as far back as I can remember, I have suffered from anxiety. Ever since I was in middle school I have been very nervous and constantly overthinks everything. I remember skipping […]

Peter Decides To Run Away

Peter Decides To Run Away

The moment we entered my house Peter proceeded directly to a shelf of books that were in my living room. He picked ‘Veronika Decides To Die’ a book by Paulo Coelho. “I also decided to run, just like Veronika decided to die. I must take this one from you.” “That is one of my favourite […]