Symptoms and Types of Personality Disorders

Symptoms include emotional instability, insecurity, impaired social relationships, and feelings of worthlessness. Personality disorders are mental health problems in which personality and behaviour cause you or others distress. There are 10 specific different types and potential causes of personality disorders, and the signs and symptoms are diverse. Personality disorders fall into 3 different clusters with similar […]

what is borderline personality disorder

What is Personality Disorder?

It can damage lives and relationships if left undiagnosed and untreated.  Personality disorders are mental health problems in which your attitudes, beliefs and behaviours cause you or others distress, as well as long-standing problems in your life. The word ‘personality’ refers to the pattern of thoughts, feelings and behaviour that makes each of us the […]


Myth vs Fact: People With Borderline Personality Disorder Are Manipulative And Attention Seeking

The fact is that they suffer from instability of emotions and self-image. Misinformation births misunderstanding. Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a condition that innately carries a lot of stigma with it. Misconceptions about it make people afraid of suffering from the condition and therefore stop people from seeking treatment and instead create a negative perception […]