success story katherine

Living A Life That Has Ups And Downs

Katherine believed that her normal adult life is over, but she made a comeback. Depression is a serious mental disorder and millions of people suffering from it. It can be very dangerous if someone can’t take effective steps to overcome it. Even, some people believe it’s quite impossible to get back to normal life from […]

recognising the emotional side of caregivers

Recognising the Emotional Side of Caregivers

Whatever your situation, it is important to remember that you, too, are important. No matter how well you cope with a caregiving situation, its very nature is challenging. It involves the loss of independence, comfort, ability, health, and ultimately, life. Here are some of the feelings that you may experience as a caregiver, and how […]

can we prevent mental health problems

Myth vs Fact: Can We Prevent Mental Health Problems?

Can we prevent mental health problems? Or is it impossible? Mental health and illness are often misunderstood regarding the causes, diagnosis, treatment and prevention. Sometimes, even healthcare workers doubt about certain mental health facts. Before going into prevention, it is important to understand the risk factors for developing mental health problems and mental illness. Risks […]

what are eating disorder

What Are Eating Disorders?

With the correct guidance and professional help, eating disorders can be controlled and treated. Mental health disorders take a variety of shapes and forms, all of which can be dangerous to the patients’ health and are potentially fatal.  Eating disorders are at the top of the list in this regard, as they are believed to […]